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Clinical Therapy Disguised as Games

Bright Cloud holds the patent
for diagnosis of dementia using computer games.

BrightBrainer ™  is a digital health solution for cognitive and neuromuscular rehabilitation that works in both clinical and in-home settings.

    • Improvement in Cognition

    • Improvement in Grasp Strengths

    • Reduction in Depression

    • 96% Compliance-to-Protocol Rate

    • 50% Stroke Survivors Improved Verbal Fluency

    • 13,000 Arm Repetitions/Participant/Week

Burdea G, Grampurohit N, Kim N, Polistico K, Kadaru A, et al. Feasibility of integrative games and novel therapeutic game controller for telerehabilitation of individuals chronic post-stroke living in the community. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation. 2020 Jul; 27(5): 321 -336. Early online Dec 25, 2019. PMID: 31875775

  • Post-acute Stroke

  • Chronic Stroke

  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Chronic Pain Management

“What’s compelling about BrightBrainer™ is that—because there is a cognitive component combined with an upper extremity task— it fosters the motivation and neuroplasticity needed to make significant progress…it really meets the needs of the types of patients we see here.”

Lisa Luskin
Director of Outpatient Services
St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center

8  Patents

3  Pending Patents

10 Phase I and II Clinical Trials

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The BrightBrainer™ Home and Clinical Units can facilitate multiple digital health and physical rehabilitation procedures, including both codes for physical, telehealth, chronic care management and remote therapeutic monitoring.

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