Clinical Data. Many Different Formats.

How can an organization migrate and/or aggregate  internal or external data from sources such as labs, pharmacies, government agencies, hospitals, imaging centers, clinical call centers, etc., while adhering to HIPAA security and HL7 compliance standards?

There are so many data formats used today, including: HL7, XML, CDA, JSON, CSV, TXT, PDF, DOC, but what is the most efficient method to deliver tactical action items for efficient medical decision-making by the treating physicians in a Team-based Care Model?

HOW do we do this?

Simplicity and minimum disruption of your organization’s current clinical workflows are the top considerations.

Direct Secure Messaging is a way to exchange health care data from EHR TO EHR via an internet-based tool with national encryption standards. … It functions as an encrypted email system for securely exchanging clinical healthcare data via the Internet. To become certified, all EHRs are required to provide Direct Secure Messaging. 

CMS requires a practitioner to “use some form of electronic technology tool or services in fulfilling the care plan element of Care Management Services ” but acknowledges that:

“certified EHR technology is limited in its ability to support electronic care planning at this time.”


Accordingly, practitioners “must have flexibility to use a wide range of tools and services beyond EHR technology now available in the market to support electronic care planning.”

Our Care Management Ecosystem is built on a certified EHR platform