AT CCARE we want to offer those services that benefit providers, practices, HealthSystems, payers, and patients with technology enabled services.

We can do this because we are consistently monitoring what both payers and the literature determines improve quality of life while reducing healthcare costs.

We look to bring the technology and human resources that can be virtually integrated into practice settings and engage patients in a meaningful way.

CCare offers care management of those with Chronic Diseases which impacts more than 70% of older adults in the U.S.. These programs are delivered at CBOs, or virtually in Long Term Care settings. They are designed to manage illnesses that impact balance, strength, endurance, and respiration by leveraging telemedicine and remote monitoring.

  • Remote Monitoring Technology is evolving quickly and a capital investment in owning frequently-updated RPM devices and systems can be problematic for a healthcare organization. 
  • Project Management Assistance and clinical pathways with integration with your clinical teams and EHR
  • 24/7 virtual care teams respond and resolve routine, moderate and critical alerts and update your clinical team (through your EHR).

As 1 in 3 adults have pre-diabetes. CCARE along with strategic partners including state medical societies, payers, YMCAs, and the AMA leverages technology that enables DPP programming.

CCare partners with Creative Intelligence to deliver a service that provides PCP’s and hospitals a virtual behavioral health support network. This improves care and creates new revenue for their practice’s participation.

  • CCare partners with OCHI for Care Management technology designed to integrate Community-Based Organization (CBO) resources and workers into a coordinated Care Team using a single platform.
  • CCARE’s case management solution enables interoperability between payers and social service delivery organizations, to coordinate services to those individuals with insecurities related to housing, food, and transportation.