Larsen-Kufahl Group & CCARE HEALTH Form Partnership to Improve Digital Patient Engagement for Healthy Behavior Change

WILMINGTON, NC, USA, April 12, 2023 — It is commonly accepted that effective management of chronic disease is closely related to changes in healthy behaviors. Changing behavior is difficult and often requires more than just willpower. Many care management programs are not able to significantly improve healthy behaviors and as a result their efforts to drive better health outcomes fall short.

Larsen-Kufahl Group, LLC (LKG Health), and CCARE Health Systems (CCARE) have formed a partnership to leverage their existing technologies and long history of expertise in virtual and digital patient engagement for behavior change. Together they will provide disruptive new solutions for patients with chronic illnesses that demonstrate measurable improvement of healthy behaviors.

LKG Health uses its proprietary 4Corners engagement model, a blend of clinical science, data science, and behavioral change science along with human-centered design to provide personalized and interactive health and wellness digital content that can be measured and adjusted to optimize patient healthy behaviors. This is also known in general terms as next generation nudging which in health care can be applied towards improving medication adherence, physical activity, program engagement, and mental health. The 4Corners approach to patient engagement and behavior change has proven over time to produce incremental results vs more traditional approaches to patient engagement.

CCARE is a care management technology and services platform built on a certified EHR. An important feature of the CCARE platform functionality is workflow automation for asynchronous content: CCARE’s Digital Assessments. CCARE texts a secure link to the participating patient’s selected device that creates a simple 1-click experience to interact with multi-media content. The CCARE platform also provides access to both self-reported and FDA approved device-generated biometric data for support and measurement in conjunction with the LKG Health content metrics.

“Our partnership with CCARE provides us with a single integrated platform that can curate the content we design, incorporate our intellectual property for content personalization into CCARE’s rules engine, deliver our content securely to patients through multiple devices and sources, and ultimately measure the patient’s interaction with the content and resulting behavior changes.” said Scott Larsen, CEO of Larsen-Kufahl Group.

“Integrating the Four Corners model into the CCARE platform will improve our virtual clinical team’s ability to add focused and personalized behavioral change messaging to our disease management pathways and care planning solutions,” said Pete Gratale, CEO of CCARE Health Systems.

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